My name is Joe Cornell. I am a Ceramic Tiler.

I am based in Chertsey and undertake jobs locally and within approximately a 40 mile radius of my home.


I normally work on a labour only basis, supplying only adhesives, grout and trim. I find that most customers have usually sourced their tiles before approaching me. However, I offer advice as to the suitability of the proposed products, work out the quantities and wastage allowances and liaise with the supplier when asked. Whilst I can provide materials if required, I find that customers benefit from this approach saving the usual contractors profit margin on materials; and by not supplying the expensive materials I keep my income beneath the VAT registration threshold and my invoice is always Zero VAT. 


I will always visit site prior to preparing my estimate, examine the condition of substrates (floor & walls) and their suitabliity to receive the tiles or stone proposed and provide advice and recomendations on the practicality of the job. If I think you're wasting your money, I will tell you.


I have worked for 18 years within the tiling industry and laid all types, shapes and sizes of tiles, natural stone and mosaics


You can find out more about me and the services I offer on the following pages.

Service offering

  • Do you need your bathroom, kitchen, conservatory or hallway tiled professionally, competently, with minimal fuss, disturbance or disruption?
  • Do you need expert advice as to the suitablity and practicallity of your proposed project?


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Find out more about my services on the following pages.


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